Doors open Jan. 1, 2022!

We created the Implementing Change Community to provide you with the kinds of supports that will help you move your implementation work forward.

In our projects with different organizations and communities, we've realized that those who provide implementation support to local implementers need support as well.

This includes help with problem solving, brainstorming resources, working through challenging situations, and not forgetting the emotional aspect of implementation.

What if you had a network of people you could turn to, where everyone supported one another, where you could ask questions and reach out to others who are going through similar experiences in their organizations and roles?

We launched the Implementing Change Community to foster this idea that implementation truly is a community of people — it's a place where we can lean on each other and problem solve together.

By bringing together implementers to share knowledge and skills, our goal is to empower you to lead change in more effective ways.

We will take you from feeling isolated, stuck, and confused to feeling confident, supported, and productive.

This is where real change happens.

Before we go on to tell you about this incredible community, let’s share some details on who this is for.

➡️ You are creating change but know that your efforts could amount to so much more.

➡️ You are taking steps in a good direction, but feel like you could get there more quickly if you just had some more strategic support and a community to lean on — professionals who can relate to what you’re working through.

Whether you’re…

↪️ An experienced and trained implementer who is looking to connect, collaborate, and learn from colleagues who are dealing with similar challenges in applying implementation science

↪️ A new/novice implementer or implementation support practitioner who wants to learn from others who have experienced similar challenges (and wins) and discover different tools/resources they used

↪️ An intermediary, or funder, or researcher who supports implementation and wants to better understand the practical applications of implementation science

↪️ A graduate student who wants to prepare for what real-world implementation looks like and add to your toolbox to better equip yourself

…you’re in the right place.

The ICC will give you the support, sense of connection, and inspiration to reach your implementation goals.

By joining this community, you will...

Experience a circle of support around you so you no longer feel isolated.

Be energized by the connections you’re making with others who have been in a similar situation to yours as well as those who have been in far better (and far worse) ones.

Strengthen your knowledge of the different theories, models, frameworks, and approaches that are key to implementation (and implementing well).

Uncover new ways of tackling challenges through monthly Q&A sessions with TCI's senior staff.

Be able to better identify the needs and gaps in your work as well as how you approach your tasks (and who to reach out to for help).

Make more informed and strategic progress towards your personal and professional implementation goals with greater confidence and ease by engaging in discussions with other members.

Receive helpful resources recommended by ICC members and TCI staff to address what you're working on.

Observe and have the opportunity to participate in live implementation coaching sessions with Dr. Julia Moore and Sobia Khan.

Have more joy while implementing!

We want to see a world where thousands of people working across various sectors are able to apply implementation science to design, implement, spread, and scale their change initiatives.

The Implementing Change Community (ICC) takes our vision one step further towards reality.

We'll help you make connections, keep you in touch with others, and support you with what we know.

We also want to make sure you’re getting what you need out of the ICC, so your feedback and suggestions are always welcome to help shape the community.
“If you are tasked with creating change in your work, the Implementing Change Community is a place where you will find supports from people who are passionate about making things happen.

The resources, networking and coaching sessions provided me with helpful tools and a sense of belonging as I charted the course for implementation programming in my organization.”

- Dorina Simeonov, ICC member

What’s Included in the

Implementing Change Community

As an ICC member, you’ll receive these benefits for an entire year from the date you sign up:


  • A community of professionals who are also doing implementation-related work to connect with and learn from through our members-only online platform where you can discuss a range of relevant topics

  • Collaboration with other ICC members such as receiving/providing feedback on materials, sharing job postings, establishing mentorships, and cultivating thought partnerships

  • Quarterly virtual networking events where you can meet other ICC members in a positive and welcoming environment

Ongoing Support

  • Every month, we hold an informal group virtual Q&A session where Dr. Julia Moore and/or Sobia Khan answer your questions in real time. After each session, we share a list of topics and the resources that were recommended.

  • Every other month, we offer virtual implementation coaching sessions with TCI’s Dr. Julia Moore and/or Sobia Khan. As an ICC member, you can apply to receive one-on-one coaching, or you’re welcome to watch and learn. (Sessions will also be recorded so you can refer back to them.)


  • 20% discount on TCI’s courses

A glimpse inside our members-only online community

The Implementing Change Community is designed to work with your schedule.

Attend the sessions that interest you and engage at a level that feels right!

We created this community to provide support, not add to your workload.

Starting in 2022*, you can join the Implementing Change Community at any point in the year.

Annual Membership Fee

$99 USD or $130 CAD for 12 months of access.

We offer a 70% discount for individuals in low- and middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

*If you would like to pre-pay (i.e., before January 2022), please e-mail us.

About Us

The Center for Implementation (TCI) operates from the view that knowledge generated from implementation science — the research behind how best to implement change — should be in the hands of practitioners in organizations, communities, and systems.


We make the science of implementation practical and accessible. Our mission and moral imperative are to ensure that people around the world are applying theory and evidence-informed change methods to improve outcomes.

TCI was founded in 2018 and has been growing rapidly ever since. This expansion is driven by our international reputation for producing clear and practical guidance on applying implementation science that enhances change efforts across various fields and sectors.

Our expertise is in developing innovative processes that are informed by implementation science and designed for creating real-world change.


Dr. Julia E. Moore and Sobia Khan, TCI’s senior members, have built a bridge between implementation science and implementation practice by synthesizing and translating complex implementation science concepts into easy-to-understand actionable steps.

Our true specialization lies in how we train, support, and empower professionals working to make change in organizations and systems to implement in more evidence-based ways (i.e., drawing from what works to foster individual, organizational, and systems change).

Dr. Julia E. Moore

Executive Director

Dr. Julia E. Moore is an award-winning expert on the practical applications of implementation science. As the Executive Director of The Center for Implementation, she is internationally known for her ability to communicate complex implementation science concepts in clear and actionable ways.

Dr. Moore was trained as an implementation scientist at Penn State University where she received her PhD in Human Development and researched the best methods to implement evidence-based programs.

Dr. Moore's experience in the field spans more than a decade and includes working on over 100 implementation projects in 8 countries. Her passion for supporting the real-world use of implementation science is shown through her commitment to the spread and scale of accessible training: Dr. Moore has led and designed tailored courses and workshops for over 4000 professionals from a wide range of fields. She also developed the popular online mini-course, Inspiring Change: Creating Impact with Evidence-based Implementation, which has been completed by over 6000 professionals from around the globe.

Sobia Khan

Director of Implementation

Sobia Khan is a global expert on how to practically implement complex interventions in complex systems. For over 12 years, her passion for integrating implementation science, systems thinking, and complexity theory to achieve large-scale change has been illustrated through her work on multiple implementation projects in Canada, the U.S., Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Myanmar, and Kosovo. In addition, Ms. Khan is internationally recognized for transforming the landscape of implementation science training by distilling difficult concepts into actionable resources.

Recent highlights of Ms. Khan’s work include supporting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on their implementation science objectives.

Ms. Khan emphasizes pragmatic and equity-driven approaches as much of her work focuses on supporting vulnerable populations. She strives to ensure that all perspectives are valued along the implementation pathway with a particular understanding of the need for collective action to create system-level change.

She holds an MPH from the University of Waterloo and is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.

“Being a member of the Implementing Change Community has been instrumental in my professional development within Knowledge Translation and specifically Implementation.

As someone new to this field, it has provided me with an instant set of colleagues to network with and learn from.

Any question is welcome on the forum and it is also an opportunity to give and get input on tools, tasks, presentations, etc. that you and others are working on.

The breadth and depth of expertise within this community is evident as I have yet to see a question not get answered. I have even had several more-in depth conversations with contacts from this community outside of the forum."

- Heather Macleod, ICC member

To recap, when you join the Implementing Change Community (ICC), you'll receive:

  • Access to our members-only online platform where you can interact with our community of professionals who are also doing implementation-related work and discuss a variety of topics

  • Connection and collaboration with other ICC members such as receiving/providing feedback on materials, sharing job postings, establishing mentorships, and cultivating thought partnerships

  • Direct access to TCI’s expert staff, Dr. Julia Moore and Sobia Khan, to get answers to your specific questions at monthly virtual group Q&As

  • Opportunities to receive one-on-one coaching from Dr. Julia Moore and Sobia Khan at our bi-monthly virtual implementation coaching sessions or you can attend as an ICC member to watch and learn (recorded in case you cannot attend live)

  • Quarterly virtual networking events where you can meet other ICC members in a positive and welcoming environment

  • Recommended resources based on your questions, suggestions, and challenges

  • 20% reduced rate on TCI’s courses

The Implementing Change Community is available to you whenever you need it — there are no requirements to being a member.

Attend sessions and engage in discussions at your own convenience.

Starting in 2022*, you can join the Implementing Change Community at any point in the year.

Annual Membership Fee

$99 USD or $130 CAD for 12 months of access.

We offer a 70% discount for individuals in low- and middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

*If you would like to pre-pay (i.e., before January 2022), please email us.

You might have some questions, such as:

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by what’s available. How do I know if I’ll have time for this?

The Implementing Change Community doesn’t come with any time requirements. While we encourage you to use the online space to connect with others, we also understand that life and work can be busy!

The ICC is meant to be a resource for you, so it’s available whenever you have the time for it. You can log into the online community when when you need help and attend sessions as your schedule allows.

The implementation coaching sessions are recorded, so you can always loop back to them later, and we provide a list of topics and resources that were discussed and shared in the Q&A sessions.

I’m a seasoned implementer. What would I get out of being a member?

We created this community for professionals who have received at least some training in applying implementation science in practice and are looking for additional support.

So, even if you are well into your implementation career, we place high value on the connections you’ll make through the ICC as well as the new tips and tricks you’ll learn from the various resources shared. You will have opportunities to connect and collaborate with others who work in a similar space. You will be able to ask questions in a safe space about the challenging aspects of implementation (e.g., what to do after something fails, when leadership is not on board…).

Plus, as a more seasoned implementer, you will have opportunities to support more junior implementers – this is one of the best ways to strengthen your own knowledge and skills. We welcome a wide range of experience levels so we can all grow together.

I’m fairly new to implementation. Does it make sense for me to join?

Of course! By joining the ICC, you’ll get to meet a wide range of professionals and learn more about the world of implementation. Through our implementation coaching and Q&A sessions as well as the additional resources that will be shared, we think it’ll help to provide some clarity on which topics to focus on.

And our two signature online courses are both offered annually, so if you haven’t trained with us before, the ICC would complement your learning well!

How long will my membership last?

Your ICC membership will be valid for a year after you join.

We wanted to make this community accessible, so we’re keeping the doors open for whenever it’s most convenient for you to jump on board.

Also, since we’ll be providing recordings of our implementation coaching sessions and a list of topics and resources that were discussed and shared in our Q&A sessions, you’ll be able to easily check out what we’ve been up to!

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer a 70% discount for Individuals in low- and middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank.

Please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

You should join the Implementing Change Community if you’re motivated by any of the following:

  • Whether you’ve worked on too many interventions to count or you’re just getting started on your implementation journey, we all need help and support, especially in times as difficult as these.

  • You want to learn more about how implementation can be practically applied and hear from real humans about their experiences.

  • You want clarity about all of the theories, models, frameworks, and approaches out there. You just want practical guidance and recommendations.

That’s why you’re ready to take action and join our hands-on community that can dramatically affect how you approach and experience implementation.

We are passionate about what we do and can't wait to welcome you to this exciting initiative of ours!

"I spent a long time working in implementation and knowledge translation feeling isolated, alone, and without anyone to turn to. I faced huge implementation challenges – and, yes, even implementation failures – which left me feeling embarrassed and defeated.

It was only after many years of working with other implementers around the world that I realized that my experience was not unique – many implementers function in isolation. We’re so often tasked with solving complex problems and figuring out how to put implementation science in action with minimal support.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

I wish a community like this existed when I started my work in implementation over a decade ago. That’s why we at TCI created the Implementing Change Community, so that everyone can receive the support you know — as well as I do — we all need."

- Julia E. Moore